China Council for Industrial Environmental Protection, the CIEP


China Council for Industrial Environmental Protection(CIEP), a national social association as well as a non-profit organization, was founded voluntarily by people of vision from the industrial, financial, scientific, and environmental protection sectors and the academia, upon approval of the State Council and registration at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. 

Following the principle of “Green Development for the Wellbeing of the Mankind”, CIEP aims to promote green development, ecological civilization construction, and sustainable development in the process of China’s industrialization. Being market and social profits oriented, CIEP strives to build a cooperation platform integrating industries, universities, research institutes and application of research achievements, and construct a sound mechanism for industrial coordination so that members could enhance their capabilities in R&D, innovation, production, application and services. CIEP also spares no efforts in facilitating the use of advanced additive manufacturing techniques in industrial sectors and transformation of cutting-edge technologies into real outcomes with a view to contributing to efficient, clean, low-carbon, recyclable and green industrial development as well as a sustainable future for China.

CIEP sets multiple functional departments, including General Office, Membership Department, Consulting Department, Business Development Department, Scientific Innovation Department and International Department as well as affiliated organs like Financial Committee. With a sound working mechanism, CIEP strives to play a role of bridge and tie to build various service platforms to contribute to government administration, enterprise management, industrial development and social governance.

CIEP’s service mechanism consists of the following 8 parts:

Ø  Building various regular communication platforms. CIEP creates opportunities for effective exchange and interaction among “associations, experts, enterprises and governments” through platforms like Annual Forum on Innovative Development of Green Industry, seminars and workshops. CIEP also publishes an annual report on China’s green development; organizes events on innovation in green sector; promotes advanced practice; establishes scientific assessment models; publicizes good experience of regions, enterprises and individuals. 

Ø  Conducting studies on green industrial policies. CIEP is entrusted and authorized by the government to undertake project studies on green development and ecological protection. CIEP carries out studies to identify problems in China’s environmental protection, ecological civilization construction and green development, and proposes suggestions for decision-making; promotes concrete implementation of government policies, laws and regulations; collects and analyzes statistics and publishes reports on industrial environmental protection, ecological civilization construction and green development; monitors and analyzes industrial trends at home and abroad.

Ø  Building Industrial Green Development Foundation and Special Fund for Green Development. CIEP pools together resources from industrial, scientific and financial sectors and establishes funds to build a multi-layered financing system for enterprises and projects in support of expansion of green industrial development, implementation of green projects and transformation of green scientific results.

Ø  Building an interactive platform for scientific innovation in green sector. CIEP gathers together experts in additive manufacturing from research institutes, social organizations and enterprises at home and abroad to promote this environmentally-friendly technology; regularly publishes reports on additive manufacturing in order to guide healthy and sound industrial development and accelerate R&D and innovation; closely monitors development trend of global additive manufacturing technology for future breakthroughs and green development in China.

Ø  Establishing Innovative Development Cooperation Organization on Green Industry. CIEP actively promotes the concept of green development, conducts training programs, builds a think-tank, and works on strategies to further green development; vigorously attracts partnership from federations of industrial economics, industrial associations and environmental protection organizations so as to pull strengths from all sides together.  

Ø  Facilitating international cooperation and implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Based on the outlook of “Openness, Innovation and Inclusiveness”, CIEP actively engages in international events themed on economy and trade, technologies and academic issues associated with green development; holds or attends bilateral and multilateral international activities at home and overseas for exchange with international partners on issues of common concerns; promotes pragmatic cooperation among associations and enterprises at home and abroad through symposiums, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. 

Ø  Vigorously supporting the building of a local network of environmental protection organizations. CIEP fully supports to establish an interconnected and interactive service mechanism, so that resources, funds, information and talents can be shared, win-win results achieved, green development accelerated, and thus realizing harmony between industrial progress and ecological conservation, and creating benefits for the whole society.

Ø  Publishing and promoting through our website. CIEP publishes and promotes through the website the concept of “Green Development for the Wellbeing of the Mankind”, relevant laws and regulations, research findings, important events and various services. Via our monthly newsletters and mobile client, CIEP regularly releases news on green development and environmental protection for the reference of our members and the general public.